Hello, I'm Edith.

(They/Them pronouns, please)

Raised in Essex, now long-term Londoner.

I wear a few hats, but predominantly I'm a campaigner and storyteller. This website is a home is for the latter.

In more detail...

I do freelance photography, art direction, training and facilitation.

I like to focus on archiving and storytelling projects. 

At the moment...

I'm a Creative Campaigner at Small Axe, a not-for-profit progressive campaigning organisation.

I co-facilitate Story Sessions, a space where people create the stories they wish their younger selves had seen.

I connect London's creative community to the issues our city faces for Creative Mornings.

I'm a founding member of Craft Moves, testing craft-based interventions to tackle loneliness in London.

Generally, I care about sh*t and I get sh*t done.

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